Fact: Your car gets a jump and then promptly dies again. Is it the battery? Most people might think yes, but perhaps it's your alternator instead. What's an alternator? What does it do? Our Gregoris Nissan service department gets this question often, so we put together this brief answer.

Electricity From Motion

An alternator creates electricity just like a windmill or a wind turbine. As you dart through Valley Stream en route to work or the supermarket, your car's alternator constantly gathers energy from the spinning motion of your tires. This mechanical energy in the form of electrons gets pushed around an electromagnetic field associated with the spinning motion of the tires' rotors. When these electrons get pushed through a circuit, electricity is the result. The alternator's electricity powers electrical systems in your car and recharges your car's battery.

What Does the Battery Do?

After getting charged by the alternator, your batter supplies the initial jump that starts your car. Thereafter, the alternator powers everything else from your radio to lights and gauges. Alternators are best changed every five to seven years.

Let our dealership service department check your battery and alternator today. Better sooner than later. We look forward to serving you.


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