Today's post from Gregoris Nissan tells you how to correctly clean your engine. Doing so could prolong your Valley Stream-area vehicle's life.

We recommend cleaning your engine on a dry, warm day. Only clean your engine if its surface is cool. Liquids can harm a hot engine. Now, disconnect all plastic components from your engine. You can clean those separately. To protect your vehicle's electronics, disconnect your battery from its negative terminal. Also, place plastic bags over any electronics under the hood.

You can clean your engine with any degreaser. Specialty formulas are available, but a household brand is sufficient. Amply spray your degreaser onto your engine. Read your bottle's instructions regarding how long to let the product rest on a surface. Also, you may need to scrub areas with heavy deposits. Instead of a wire brush, choose a synthetic model. When you're ready, rinse your engine. Finally, let the engine dry before you drive again.


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