Do you consider yourself to be a low-mileage driver? Driving under 600 miles per month would put you into this category. You would assume that this will help your vehicle last longer, but you still need to think about routine maintenance for your automobile. Your oil changes don't need to be performed at the same intervals as someone who's driving daily, but oil changes are still necessary.

Instead of heading to Gregoris Nissan's service center every six months or 1000 miles, keep an eye on the quality of your oil. You'll want to make sure it's maintaining its color from when it was new. This is typically a golden color. Black warrants an oil change.

You also need to take your vehicle for a drive, even if you don't need to go anywhere. Don't let your automobile sit in the garage for longer than three weeks. Drive about 15 miles on the highway to get everything moving.


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