What Are Gaskets in Your Car and How to Keep Them in Good Condition

At Gregoris Nissan, we want readers to understand how their vehicle works because it keeps their cars in good condition longer. Gaskets are a small component used in your car that aren't often thought about unless they fail.

They are ring-like parts that provide tight seals to prevent fluids and gases from mixing. When substances mix that aren't supposed to, it's dangerous and can cause car problems. Gaskets are designed to last a long time, but they eventually deteriorate. Cars that aren't well-maintained see shorter lifespans in their gaskets. You can prevent gaskets from failing too soon by changing your coolant and oil on schedule, keeping torque correct on the head bolts, and using your manufacturer's approved coolant. Warning signs of gasket failure are white smoke emitting from the tailpipe, oil in your coolant, decreased cylinder pressure, and bubbling, gargling or foaming in the radiator.

Gaskets are an inexpensive part, but when they fail, expensive damage can occur to your car. Stay aware of the warning signs something is wrong with a gasket to take action as soon as possible in this situation. Also stay on top of changing your oil and coolant to minimize wear and tear on your gaskets.


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