How to Overcome Motion Sickness Woes

Long drives should be enjoyable, considering there's so much scenery to see. Driving relies on the engine propelling the vehicle forward, which is motion. With motion, unfortunately, there sometimes comes motion sickness. To cut down on feeling ill while traveling, passengers should follow some tips on how to avoid motion-related nausea.

Motion sickness isn't a rare condition, and it isn't something usually challenging to treat. An over-the-counter drug called Dramamine helps deal with motion-caused nausea. The OTC drug does have its limits, though. Extreme cases of motion sickness may require a trip to the doctor's office. Conversely, taking pill versions of peppermint and ginger could provide a natural solution to minor nausea.

Other helpful strategies involve getting some sleep, drinking lots of fluid, and focusing attention on a distant point. Do what works for you to deal with this annoying illness.

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