Nowadays, we all want multiple options. You can have speed and luxury with the Nissan Maxima. The popular sports sedan has a luxurious cabin. The Maxima has a sleek aerodynamic design. It leans into steep curves. The morning commute is a lot more pleasant in the Nissan Maxima.

At Gregoris Nissan, we know our customers need to be comfortable behind the wheel. The weather can be unpredictable in Valley Stream, and the temperature can drop a few degrees after inclement weather. The Nissan Maxima has climate-controlled seats. Turn the knob when you need to change the temperature. The stylish seats are designed for maximum comfort. The deeply bolstered seats will help you stay alert after a long day at work.

Your rear passengers do not have to complain about the temperature in this car. The dual-zone automatic temperature control feature can keep everyone comfortable. Each passenger has their own vent.



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