Automotive Knowledge 101: What's a Blind Spot Monitor?

There are many technologies available to Valley Stream car shoppers that increase driver and passenger safety and save many lives each year. A blind spot monitor is a driver-assist feature that's seen with many vehicles and is one of the most in demand features on the market.

How does a blind spot monitor work? With sensors, cameras, and/or radars, blind spot monitoring systems scan for vehicles that are approaching a driver's blind spots. When a vehicle is detected, a blind spot monitor will issue visual and/or auditory alerts to let the driver know that it isn't safe to change lanes.

Two studies from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that driver-assist features, such as lane departure warning systems and blind spot monitoring system, can reduce the risk of collisions due to lane drifting. One study found that if every car on the road in 2015 was equipped with a blind spot monitor, it could have reduced lane-change crashes by 85,000 and injuries by 55,000.


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