The Nissan LEAF Helps to Keep Drivers in Control

The Nissan LEAF is a popular and emission free electric vehicle. While this stylish and technologically advanced vehicle is well known for important features such as green technologies, the Nissan LEAF also offers drivers and passengers alike the added safety and convenience of a number of driver assistance technologies. These technologies include Active Ride Control, Hill Start Assist, and Intelligent Trace Control.

The Nissan LEAF Active Ride Control system is capable of taking control of many functions that were once the province of drivers. For example, the Nissan LEAF Active Ride Control system can recognize roadway obstructions such as bumps and potholes after which it can automatically control engine and brake outputs in order to provide smoother riding experiences.

Working hand-in-hand with the Active Ride Control system is the Nissan LEAF Hill Start Assist system. Many drivers have found themselves and their vehicles in the uncomfortable positions of being stuck in traffic while perched on steep roadways. The Hill Start Assist system makes it easier for the Nissan LEAF to seamlessly get underway whether it is on flat or steeply graded roads. This system can also prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards and possibly contacting objects located to the rear.

Yet another useful Nissan LEAF technology is known as Intelligent Trace Control. This proprietary Nissan technology uses a variety of sensors to pre-read road conditions. If this system senses curves, it can independently activate the brakes in order to optimize curve entry and exit angles.



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