Nissan 370Z Celebrates a Rich Racing Heritage

Engineered for agile handling, the Nissan 370Z invites two people for a breathtaking drive. Gregoris Nissan sells this premium coupe to auto shoppers in Valley Stream who want performance-driven features on the road. The exclusive 50th Anniversary models are available on the lineup of this athletic car.

The 370Z spent countless hours in experimental trials that were carried out in wind tunnels. Nissan's engineers optimized the car's aerodynamic design by installing an aero deflector that maximizes the downward force on the chassis. A rear decklid spoiler is another important component that increases the downward force on the body. Additionally, this sporty coupe has unique door sills and a front fascia for significant reduction of drag resistance. When you get behind the steering wheel of the 370Z, you'll feel like a champion of a racing circuit. This model wears 19-inch rear tires that are manufactured by the world's leading brands, such as Dunlop and Bridgestone.



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