Know the different between a full-size and compact temporary spare

If you have a tire blowout, having a spare tire can get you to a tire shop without the need for a tow truck. When choosing a spare tire, you'll have to decide between a full-size spare and a compact temporary spare.

A full-size tire is the same size as the tire that you are replacing. Using a full-size spare means that you can drive normally until you get to the tire shop. A compact temporary spare, often called a 'donut,' is narrower than a full-size tire. It takes up less space in your car, however, the size and construction restricts how far and fast you can drive. Manufacturers usually recommend keeping your speed below 50 mph and driving immediately to the tire shop.

At Gregoris Nissan in Valley Stream, we want you to get to your destination safely. If you have had a blowout, we offer full tire replacement service.
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