How Important is a Routine Engine Cooling & Radiator Service?

The cooling system involves more than putting engine coolant in the radiator. Here are the many components that make up the cooling system in your vehicle.

The radiator has to allow air through tiny fins that cool the fluid in the engine. One blockage or damage could stop the system from operating ideally.

The water pump is responsible for moving coolant through the system, so if the bearing fails, the coolant cannot make it to the radiator to be cooled and overheating will result.

The radiator hoses allow coolant to go back and forth from engine to radiator. Loose clamps or damaged hoses, and coolant can easily leak. Fan belts power the fan and water pump, and damaged or loose belts could reduce the ability of these parts to keep fluids moving along.

Schedule a routine cooling system checkup at Gregoris Nissan so we can keep your vehicle running all year-long.
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