Know the Importance of Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights

Cars are expensive to buy. However, maintenance is not taxing if you are able to communicate with your car. How is this possible? Similar to how your phone warns you whenever the battery gets low, your car will alert you through the dashboard warning lights if it requires any attention or visits to the garage. If you ignore these warnings, the problems heighten and you end up spending a fortune on repairs. If any of these lights are blinking, then you should visit us, Gregoris Nissan in Valley Stream, NY, and we will help you out.

  • Battery or Charging alert: This light checks your voltage level, therefore, it indicates that it is too low and that the charging system is faulty.
  • Oil Pressure Warning: If you realize that this light is lit, there could be a loss of oil pressure and this should prompt you to check its level as well.

If you live in Valley Stream or frequent our community, do not hesitate to stop by and have us repair your vehicle through our able staff.

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