How Our Dealership Can Give You Better Headlights

You shouldn't be driving around at night with headlights that are defective or too dim to drive with because it not only makes it hard for you to see, but other drivers might have trouble seeing you as well. Make sure your headlights are nice and bright, and if they seem dim, you might want to check the battery first because a battery going bad will usually have bad headlights. But if you've determined it's not the battery, you can have the headlights fixed other ways.

Steps Needed To Fix Headlights

Headlights might have several issues causing a partial or total failure that you should have a technician at our dealership look at. These are the most common ones:
  • Bulb failure: the bulb can simply be replaced cheaply if this is the case
  • Bad enclosure: the headlight enclosure may need to be cleaned or replaced
  • Electrical short: a bad fuse or wiring problem may need to be fixed
Servicing Your Headlights

If you've had any problems with your headlights at all or simply want better ones, you should come down to Gregoris Nissan so we can do so. It doesn't take long to do this task, and our waiting room is set up for your comfort and convenience. All you need to do is simply call or drive by our location in Valley Stream.


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