Food Spills in Your Vehicle Can Be Eliminated

When families and friends gather for the holidays, potluck dinners are a tradition. While they may be fun, traveling with your dishes can pose particular challenges. Whether you have leather or cloth vehicle interior, you don't want to deal with spills or treating food stains. And you don't want to deal with the lingering smell a food spill will leave behind! Try these tips from Gregoris Nissan!

One of the best ways to transport food is to carry it in a slow cooker with a locking lid. If that isn't possible, take food in a heavy plastic container with a lid, or in a casserole dish that has been wrapped. Wrapping a casserole dish seems easy, but there is a trick to making sure there are no spills. Wrap the casserole dish with plastic wrap starting at the bottom and wrapping over the top.

For more tips, contact a reputable car dealership like Gregoris Nissan in Valley Stream, NY today.

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