Take the Advice of the Gregoris Nissan Service Center Before Holiday Travel

A train or plane is fine when traveling for the holidays. However, if you missed the reservation time, you will spend hours in line or face horrible delays. A well-maintained vehicle lets you leave for a trip when you are ready, no lines, no waiting. Still, without proper planning, a trip can become irritating, especially when you fail to get your car serviced.

Place car servicing in the back of your mind and simply say, “nothing will happen.” Later, when you are sitting on the side of the road, cold and shivering, you'll wish you'd had it checked. Remember, cars that do not crank have no heat. In addition, knowing you heard something step on a stick in the background is little comfort.

Suddenly, you wish you were back home. Now, you realize that having Gregoris Nissan at your local Valley Stream service department check, your vehicle out before hitting the highway was a good idea. Do not take chances. Know your vehicle is fit and can handle anything on the highway.
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