Winter is on its way. What's in your trunk for ice and snow?

No matter what type of car you drive, the winter season may have you and your automobile in some snowy, slippery situations. Not sure what to use? Keep a bag of kitty litter on hand to absorb excess moisture just like it does in a litter box, and its grit will help turn those tires on ice and snow. No cat required. Sand has the same effect, absorbing excess water and creating good traction under tires. Sand also washes away easily on driveways and roads. Salt may be the best at melting hard to get rid of ice and snow, but it's also often the most expensive option and can be harmful to pets and wildlife. What goes well with any of these options? A car or truck with a terrific safety record that's built for rugged, hard roads. Come see our selection of trucks and cars at Gregoris Nissan today.
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